!!! Dog Vaccination Protocol Update !!!

Given the recent outbreaks and mutations of parvovirus and the further development of Kennel Cough vaccines, we have changed both our vaccination brand and schedule in order to cover our common canine diseases more effectively.

From 6-8 weeks of age, we give the first vaccination which is Durammune C4. This covers Parvovirus, Canine distemper, Canine Adenovirus (Hepatitis) and Parainfluenza 2.

Then between 10 and 12 weeks of age, we then give a booster of Durammune C4. If your puppy is going to be going to kennels at any stage, going to dog training or even frequenting parks where it can socialise with other dogs, we recommend adding an oral Bronchishield vaccination for Kennel cough at this visit.

If you go ahead with a kennel cough vaccine, your pup may need a booster in 4 weeks, which your vet will discuss with you. At 6 months of age, we will give your pup a third Durammune C4.

Annual health checks will begin at 15 months of age. If your puppy is on a kennel cough program, he/she will get kennel cough boosters (one injection of Parainfluenza 2 and the oral Bronchishield vaccination) at these 12 monthly checks.

Every 3 years, your canine mate will get another Durammune C4 booster. We will send out reminders at the right times and write on your vaccination card when your pet is due for their vaccinations.