Handouts & Downloads


Dry Cow Therapy  Download  
Repro: Synchrony programs Download  
Caring for the New Born Calf   Download  
Importance of Colostrum  Download  
Calf Electrolyte Fluid Therapy Download  
How to Stomach Tube a Calf   Download  
Disbudding Calves  Download  
E.coli in Calves  Download  
Cryptosporidium in Calves   Download  
Rotavirus in Calves  Download  
Giardia in Calves Download  
Coronavirus in Calves  Download  


The Orphan Lamb  Download  
The Teaser Ram  Download  
Pregnancy toxaemia  Download  


Small Animals

Dog Vaccinations  Download  
Dog & Cat Obesity  Download  
Pregnant Dog    Download  
Pregnant Cat  Download  
Cruciate Ligament    Download  
Vaccination protocols for dogs, cats and rabbits  Download