Farm Animal Services

Rochester Veterinary Practice offers large animal services for Cattle (Dairy and Beef), Sheep, Alpacas, Goats, Pigs, and Camels.

Reproductive work including: Reproductive Health Investigations, Pregnancy Testing (Manual and Ultrasound), Synchronization Programs for Cows and Heifers, Bull Breeding Fertility Examinations and Reproductive Advice.

Individual Animal Health Services (Ambulatory work) including:Examination of the sick or injured animal, lameness problems, medical problems, surgical procedures, and assisting cows with calving difficulties.

Herd Health Services including: Calf rearing problems, Reproductive problems, Disease outbreak problems and Mastitis investigations.

Large Animal Export work with AQIS Accredited vets (Drs. Keith Fletcher, Ash Phipps and Merryn Murray)

Heifer Check – Heifer Weighing and Health Program. The Heifer Check program will monitor your heifers growth and performance from weaning to joining. The program aims to assist farmers in achieving well grown healthy heifers that meet milk production targets, have improved fertility, have reduced calving assistance and compete well in the herd.

Veterinary disbudding: Studies have shown that calves that have been disbudded or dehorned display behaviours associated with distress during the procedure and experience significant pain for up to 8 hours after the procedure. The preferred veterinary method used for disbudding is by using a hot iron. This technique in combination with heavy sedation (Xylazine), local anesthetic nerve block and pain relief (NSAID) gives the best results in reducing the stress the negative impacts on growth rates.